So why are we fools? Well whenever my Mom and I were embarking on a new project she’d tell me we are gonna be “Sewing Fools” or “Painting Fools” or whatever the craft of the day was. I don’t have my Mom anymore but I feel her whenever I sit in front of a sewing machine and therefore we are still “The Sewing Fools!”

I am a serial collector of hobbies. My grandfather raised me in the garage learning to work with leather and wood. My grandmother shared with me a love of embroidery. Finally my Mom gave me the gift of sewing and painting. While in college I added pottery and stained glass to my list of hobbies. You can find me scrapbooking on occasion but today my favorite past time is quilting.

Over the last decade I’ve pieced more quilts than I can remember and with each one I’ve had the opportunity to learn and grow in my skills. After collecting completed quilt tops, I finally discovered I could have them finished for me on a long arm. Not long after that I had the opportunity to rent time on a Gammill Statler Stitcher. It was so exciting to watch the machine run across my quilt sandwich controlled by a computer. For a few years I used that Statler Stitcher until I moved to Texas. Since I had fallen in love with the idea of finish my quilts myself I looked for a rental machine in Austin, TX. Since then I have honed my hand guided quilting on an A-1, Viking 18-8, Nolting and HandiQuilter.

What has truly transformed my quilting is laser cut fabric and I can’t wait to share it with you!