Keeping on Track – Managing your WIP List

WIP ListHey there fellow sewing fools! I have a question for you. How do you manage your WIP list? Or do you even keep a list? I am here to admit to you that sometimes I am very diligent about it and then sometimes I get so overwhelmed I can’t even keep up with the list of things I haven’t done yet. Currently I am at 29 unfinished personal projects and counting. That doesn’t include class and pattern samples that I need to get moving on. Eek!

In an attempt to gain some control and clarity around my list of unfinished projects, I have gotten my spreadsheet of projects out, dusted it off and I thought I’d share with you the information I keep track of. I try to keep two sheets updated, one for unfinished projects and then an archive of those that I finish. So here are the items:

All Sewing Projects

Project Name: Sometimes this comes from the quilt pattern, fabric line or combination or something I just make up.

For?: Who is the project for? Is if for someone or home or a holiday?

Due Date: If there is a due date it goes here. Maybe it is a gift or something I am making as a class sample.

Pattern Name: If I am following a commercial pattern, it goes here.

Pattern Source: If it is in a book, the book name. For commercial patterns, I add the shop I purchased it. If it is something I found online, I add the website.

Fabric Selected: Yes or No

Fabric Purchased: Yes or No

Cutting Stage: Not started, In progress, Completed

Piecing Stage: Not started, In progress, Completed

Quilting Projects

Also includes:

Long Side and Short Side: I enter the length and width in inches

Backing Long Side and Short Side: This is a formula that adds 6″ to the quilt top

Backing Selected: Yes or No

Backing Style: Pieced, Solid

Back Done: Yes or No

Batting Selected: Yes or No

Batting Cut: Yes or No

Quilting Thread Selected: The name of the thread and color

Quilting Style: Hand-guided Custom,  Hand-guided Edge to Edge or Pro-Stitcher

Binding Selected: Yes or No

Binding Prepared: Yes or No

Bound: Yes or No

Quilt Label Done: Yes or No

Quilt Label Added: Yes or No

Date Finished: This one means it is time to celebrate and move it to the archive list!

I’d love to hear how you track your projects.

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  • I just have a list on paper of my near term quilting projects and goals. I get a lot of satisfaction out of crossing things off a list. 🙂 My blog serves to record the other details, and I have a large organized photo directory of all my recent (since 2008) quilting finishes.

    • Andrea

      I love crossing things off the list too! Moving it to the archive sheet is kinda the same 🙂

  • I have a sad little sticky note taped on my desk by my computer. I force myself to look at it everyday. Although I’m not sure it has helped me complete anything.

  • Deb

    I did start setting up a spreadsheet for my WIP’s but find I still prefer the old fashioned hand written list. I love the visual satisfaction of seeing things crossed off!

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