Dresden Plate Table Topper: Free Pattern

Dresden Table Topper

Fabric Requirements

  • 1/4 yard Fabric 1 (Fat quarter will work)
  • 1/2 yard Fabric 2 & Background (2 Fat Quarters will work)
  • 18″ square of batting


  1.  Cut 8” x WOF strips from your two fabrics.
  2. Subcut the 8” strips to 8 blades from each fabric for a total of 16 blades using a 22.5º dresden cutting template. (You can download a PDF template below)
Cutting Dresden Blades
Cutting Dresden Blades


If you’d like your blades to be pointed, continue with step 3. Otherwise skip to step 6.

  1. Fold your blades in half length wise and stitch across the top of each. (This is a great time to chain stitch)
Adding points to your dresden blades
  1. As shown, clip the inside corner to limit the bulk in your points
Clip the inside corner
  1. Flip to right side out
Here is your point... Easy peasy!
Here is your point… Easy peasy!
  1. Press
  2. Stitch the blades into pairs of 2, one of each fabric
Dresden blade pairs
Dresden blade pairs
  1. Stitch the pairs of 2 to make sets of 4
And then there were 4
And then there were 4


  1. Stitch the sets of 4 to make 2 sets of 8
  2. Stitch the sets of 8 into 1 set of 16. Stay stitch the inside circle to ensure your stitches don’t pull later.
  3. Layer your batting, backing right side up and dresden right side down. Pin and stitch 1/4” in around the edge of the dresden.
Making a dresden sandwich
Making a dresden sandwich
  1. Trim around the dresden and clip corners if you have any.
Clip your corners for a cleaner finished product
Clip your corners for a cleaner finished product
  1. Pull thru to right sides out.
  2. Quilt as desired. Stitch in the ditch works great and makes a fun pattern on the back.
Stitch in the ditch quilting
Stitch in the ditch quilting
  1. Cut a circle from either of your fabric scraps slightly larger than 3”. Place your circle template in the center of your fabric and press the edges to create a nice circle.
Press edges over template
Press edges over template
  1. Remove the circle template and appliqué to cover the opening in the center.
All done!
All done!
  1. Enjoy!

Download the template here: Dresden Template PDF


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  • Shirley Wise

    I would really like to get this pattern. How can I get it?

  • Charlotte Groelly

    wanting to make a large dresden table topper and need the directions – full directions I am a new sewer and really think this makes a perfect table topper for an octagon table any help would be appreciated

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  • Sara

    I assume you’re pulling right side out though the center hole?

    • Andrea

      Yep! That’s what I’m doing.

  • Linda Wood

    If I were going to make individual placemats using this same pattern, how many Dresden strips would it take to make one mat?

    • thesewingfools

      Because these are 22.5 degree wedges you will always need 16 to create the circle.

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