Making Doggy Neckerchiefs

One of the charities we support at work is the Town Lake Animal Center. In November we’ll be hosting a dog walk fundraiser at Quarry Lake. I offered to create some doggy neckerchiefs that I’ll embroider the event logo on to go in the “doggy bags.” My plan is to create two sizes, medium and large. I created a pattern that will slip over their collar so it won’t cause any discomfort for our furry friends.

Here’s how I made the medium:

1. Using a rotary blade, mat and ruler cut a 9″ x 13″ rectangle:


2. Fold the rectangle in half

Fold in Half

3. Now fold it into fourths

4. Using the 45 degree line on the ruler we will cut the corners off

5. Lay your neckerchief flat

6. Next we’ll create a rolled hem on the two straight edges. This is where the collar will feed thru later. Create the rolled hem towards the wrong side.

7. Fold with wrong sides together and points matching. Then stitch around the triangle, leaving the 2 sides with the rolled hem open.

It will look like this before we turn it out

8. Turn the neckerchief right side out thru one of the two holes on the side and press. Now you can feed your fluffy friend’s collar thru the openings for a comfortable stylish doggie accessory!

I was able to make 24 of these in under 2 hours. If you need to make several I recommend chain stitching the sides to save time. Later I’ll embroider the final event logo on each of them.

Have fun and I’d love to see your versions if you make one!

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